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Green Street Jobs is your pathway to an interesting and lucrative career in the cannabis industry. We host thousands of jobs from the farm to the lab to the budtender, if it’s marijuana, it’s Green Street Jobs.

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Browse hundreds of interesting and lucrative cannabis industry jobs in budtending, management, journalism, lab work, advertising and much more!

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Post your jobs to the #1 cannabis job board and find the most talented and qualified candidates looking to explore the exciting world of cannabis today.


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Budtending Jobs

As a budtender, you will be the face of the dispensary to the public and its customers. You’ll act as a consultant, an educator, and a customer service representative.

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Sales Positions

For job seekers without a tremendous amount of hands on experience with cannabis, a sales role may be the easiest job in the recreational marijuana industry to get into right away.

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Trimming Jobs

Working as a cannabis trimmer can be extremely lucrative work for those with demonstrable technique.

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