We’re a startup that’s heavily involved in the cannabis industry.
We help companies hire qualified talent faster and easier than other methods.

Green Street Jobs is equipped with resources and tools that empower you as an employer. Our system allows you to filter through candidates based on their qualifications so you only interview the most qualified candidates.

The Green Street team comes from a background of marketing, web development and staffing. This gives us unique experience and skillsets for advertising to job seekers.

We offer a free self managed product as well as several premium products and full service options that will ensure you fill your open positions with top talent faster than ever before. Promoting your jobs on Green Street is a no-brainer, but promoting your business here is also a great option. With thousands of cannabis job seekers visiting every day our site is a great place to advertise to customers. Because, if you’re a cannabis employee, chances are you’re also a consumer.

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A boosted job gets priority listing above other jobs posted on our site. There are also exclusive positions where only boosted jobs appear.

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Since we have thousands of cannabis job candidates visiting our site every day it’s a great place to advertise (If you want to work in cannabis, chances are you’re also a consumer).

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The Network

Our jobs get distributed throughout a network of job boards, Cannabis sites and social networks to get the maximum exposure for your positions.

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Who we are

We’re veterans of the staffing industry and have worked creating innovative ideas across all different markets: healthcare, creative, tech, and industrial. We’re working in the marijuana industry to offer innovative solutions for unusual set of problems this unique industry presents.

Feel free to contact us with questions or help coming on board as either an employer or a job seeker. Thanks for using Green Street Jobs!

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