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Newsflash! The cannabis industry is booming. Recreational marijuana is currently legal in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Colorado, Massachusetts, Alaska, and Maine. As profits continue to roll in, more states are sure to join in.

Along with this growth, comes a ton of new opportunities to hop on board the “Green Rush” and cash in with an exciting job in the cannabis industry.

Contrary to popular belief, many of these new jobs are only loosely associated with the marijuana plant itself. As with any high-growth industry, the cannabis industry is creating job openings for countless managers, journalists, accountants, marketers, political operatives and much more.

At Green Street Jobs, we’ve taken a look at some of the most popular jobs in the cannabis industry and created this comprehensive list for your reference. If you’ve ever wanted an exciting start-up job, a job associated with marijuana, or simply a great job with tons of growth potential, then look no further.

Just sit back, relax, and read on to discover all the unique and various ways that you could cash in on the weed revolution.


Budtenders are the face of the cannabis industry. Nobody will see more customers on a day to day basis than a budtender. As such, you’ll need to be extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of cannabis consumption, and in particular about the cannabis products your dispensary sells.

You’ll be acting as one of the primary sources of education for your customers and because of this, budtenders are some of the most important positions in the cannabis industry.

A strong background in customer facing retail will definitely help you in this role, as well as a passion for all things cannabis. Your listening skills will also come in handy.

In Oregon, you’ll also need to obtain your Marijuana Workers Permit.

For a complete list of budtender, requirements check out these essential items in order to be able to work as a budtender.

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With the demand for marijuana, both medically and recreationally, increasing every day, someone has to grow all those plants. That’s where grow jobs come into play.

Growers and associated positions are responsible for the cultivation of all the cannabis consumables on the market. These positions typically require a degree in horticulture and a good deal of experience in the processes involved in cannabis cultivation.

There is a ton to know in this area. Everything from watering to lighting and record keeping. These jobs ensure that the end consumer receives the highest quality marijuana products available.

But don’t let a lack of experience deter you from your dream of learning to grow amazing marijuana. There are plenty of farmhand and intern positions that require little more than a positive attitude and a passion for learning.

These type of jobs require a Marijuana Workers Permit.

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Trimming & Packaging
Professional marijuana trimmers are skilled artisans who understand how to manicure a bud to Instagram-worthy perfection. This job is very important to both farmers and dispensaries alike. Better trimming equals a more refined end product and can at times separate top shelf buds from lesser quality ones.

Typically, it takes a little while to become efficient at this position, with beginners operating a slower rate than experienced trimmers. A good deal of knowledge comes into play when performing the all important trimming process. For instance, you’ll need to know the difference between wet and dry trimming.

In addition to the trimming, cannabis packaging of the finished product is also typically a part of the processing operation. In regards to packaging, attention to detail and adherence to proper procedure are critical.

These jobs require a Marijuana Workers Permit.

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Retail Manager
Retail management jobs in the cannabis industry are very similar to retail jobs in other industries, with a few exceptions. As you might expect, when dealing with cannabis, it is important to maintain fastidious inventory records. In addition, proper training of employees is essential to ensure that your retail location is adhering to the necessary guidelines established by your state’s governing bodies.

Outside of the cannabis specific requirements, it is also important for retail managers to be able to maintain a positive working environment, provide guidance for employees, excel at customer service and also have a high level of knowledge of cannabis.

These jobs require a Marijuana Workers Permit.

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Lab Technician/QA
Cannabis science is an important aspect of the cannabis industry. This profession is critical to providing safe and reliable products to dispensaries and eventually to the end customer.

With some of the more sophisticated extraction techniques utilized to craft modern cannabis products, these technician jobs require precise measurements and an analytical mindset.

A good deal of math and computer skills are also required in order to be considered for these types of jobs, which require detailed record keeping. Cannabis lab technicians are also required to have experience in a laboratory setting.

These jobs require a Marijuana Workers Permit.

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Great marketing is critical to the success of any product or business, and the marijuana industry is no different. In these type of roles, you’ll be doing some of the basic things that marketers across all industries do; content writing, social media outreach, promotion, design, and advertising.

Something to remember is that there are some specific regulations related to how cannabis, or marijuana, is advertised publically. State regulations are listed here.

You could end up doing just about everything from email marketing campaigns or helping decide how to arrange the bongs.

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Marijuana products are evolving almost as quickly as the marketplace itself. Once upon a time, the offers could be summed up into simply the flower, or bud, of the marijuana plant. There might even be the occasional finger of hash in some cases.

Then came vaping, the use of a vaporizer to heat the plant matter to a temperature that released the active ingredients. Nowadays there are tons more options for the modern cannabis consumer. There are all sorts of vapes, CO2 cartridges, edibles of all sorts, and concentrates that require complex “rigs” in order to smoke.

This evolution in the cannabis product brought about a slew of new jobs for individuals trained in the preparation of these high-tech marijuana consumables. At times, these jobs can seem more scientific than horticultural, but each comes with its own fastidious attention to detail, process and of course producing the highest quality result as possible.

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With each state that passes or even proposes marijuana legalization laws, the need for education grows. Not only for the public, but also for business owners and employees. Laws and regulations are constantly changing, and it’s vital to keep on top of the changing landscape in order to maintain compliance.

Furthermore, folks who never thought about marijuana consumption when it was an illicit substance are now flocking to dispensaries in records numbers. These new customers almost always benefit from education about the marijuana itself, along with how and where to consume it.

It’s up to educational experts to provide this information in an easy to understand format. For this role, public speaking is a definite plus as you will likely be asked to address city business groups, civic organizations, and small businesses.

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As a cannabis journalist, you’ll typically produce content related to nearly every aspect of the cannabis industry. This could include product reviews, interviews with relevant personalities, or performing the role of the cannabis beat reporter for larger media companies.

These jobs essentially require the same skills and experience as most journalism jobs, but with a few twists unique to the cannabis industry. Successful cannabis journalists typically wear many hats, as you will need to write articles covering a wide variety of topics, be a self-starter and keep abreast of the all latest trends within the industry.

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As opposed to budtenders, sales jobs in the marijuana industry typically refer to B2B, or business to business, sales. These are the sales roles that represent the myriad of products to dispensaries and head shops throughout the country.

Typically, B2B sales include a good deal more relationship management skills than B2C sales. This is because sales in this environment typically involve large-scale purchases which require the involvement of multiple personalities and a lengthier amount of time to decide on a purchase.

Another aspect of these sales jobs is the ability to attend and work at cannabis industry trade shows. These large scale events bring consumers, entrepreneurs, business owners and journalists together to discover new products, businesses and attend seminars on the state of the industry.

These jobs may or may not require a Marijuana Workers Permit.

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As more and more states grow closer to legalizing both medical and recreational marijuana, the political facet of the cannabis industry is growing in size. This means more demand for canvassers, marketers, consultants, and lobbyists.

Often times, before marijuana legislation can be drafted, a referendum must be held to determine the amount of public interest in or opposition to a particular proposal. Before that can happen, political groups typically canvass for signatures in order to effectively lobby state politicians to formally endorse a particular position.

These jobs require applicants to gain a familiarity with the political procedures in a given state and an understanding of the appropriate methods for political persuasion. In this role, experience in how other states have navigated the legalization process is, at times, a valuable asset for job seekers.

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Brand Ambassadors
As with many start-up industries, the role of brand ambassador is an important one. These jobs are sort of a hybrid profession, incorporating aspects of advertising, marketing, and public relations. Brand ambassadors in the cannabis industry provide vibrant, high-visibility testimonials to the coolness and value of a wide array of cannabis products and services.

While most brand ambassador roles are typically unpaid, intern type positions there are some exceptions. The reason for this is that the unpaid endorsement commonly carries more weight with the public than a paid endorsement.

As with most intern jobs, these roles are an ideal way to gain experience in the industry before applying for more experience-based jobs like budtender or B2B sales positions.

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One of the unique aspects of the cannabis industry in the United States, for the time being, is the discrepancy between state law and federal law. This creates some unique niche jobs. One such niche is the security component of the cannabis industry.

Because cannabis is still considered illegal on a federal level, some national companies refuse to provide protection services like alarm systems, 24-hour monitoring and responsive guards for businesses and growing facilities involved in the cannabis trade.

This creates a problem for business owners who need to provide protection for their staff, property, and assets. Enter the cannabis security professional.

This type of job requires training in security and an ability to pass a rigorous background check. Day to day responsibilities include things like checking the ID’s of patrons, supervising the transportation of marijuana products, and managing the overall security of buildings, facilities and grow operations both large and small.

As you might expect, these jobs require a Marijuana Workers Permit.

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Working in the legal marijuana industry in Oregon, and throughout the country, is a tremendous opportunity to gain experience in an industry with tremendous growth potential. As more states continue to pass progressive cannabis legislation, the demand for skilled and experienced related to the above professions will only increase.

Green Street Jobs parnters with some of the best companies in the cannabis community to provide you with incredible, high-paying opportunities in nearly every aspect of this amazing industry.

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