For job seekers without a tremendous amount of hands on experience with cannabis, a sales role may be the easiest job in the recreational marijuana industry to get into right away.

That’s because all you really need is a little experience in sales or retail and a desire to learn and grow your skills and knowledge in the cannabis industry. Recreational Marijuana sales jobs take the form of most other industry’s sales forces. There are both inside and outside sales representative job opportunities with various companies as well as independent roles.

Key Skills for Marijuana Trimming Jobs

Strong Work Ethic
High Level of Organization
Excellent Communication Skills
Basic Understanding of Cannabis Products & Effects
Basic Understanding of Cannabis Regulations

Requirements / Licensure

Must have OLCC Marijuana Workers Permit (Oregon)
Must be at least 21 years old

How Much Do Cannabis Sales Jobs Pay?
Sales Reps in the Cannabis Industry typically earn either a base salary plus commission or in some entry level sales roles, only a commission on their sales. This means that there really isn’t a standard salary for this type of cannabis job, however experienced sales reps can earn upwards of $100k per year.

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