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Employer Dashboard

Find all of your info in one place. Post new jobs, check on your currently posted jobs, and view applicants, create ads, and edit your existing ads all from one page.

Company Page

Employers who work with Green Street Jobs can have a company page where job seekers can learn more about your company and see your recently posted jobs.

Sort Applicants

Need to sort your applicants? Use toggles on the applicants page to sort through all of the job seekers by their skill scores. Find the top candidate in seconds!

Download CSV

Are you an HR manager that has to keep on file all of your applicants? Download a CSV of everyone who’s applied to your jobs on the Green Street Jobs job board.

Review Custom Resumes

Applicants that apply with a custom resume have all of their information beautifully displayed on their custom resume page. See their skills, job history, contact info, and references all on one page.

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