How To Get A Budtender Job

How To Get A Budtender Job

Job Seekers

Recreational cannabis dispensaries are popping up all over states with legal recreational cannabis. The demand for skilled budtenders is higher than ever and it’s going to continue to grow. This guide will help job seekers looking for work as budtenders at recreational cannabis dispensaries.

Creating Your Budtender Resume

Experience & Qualifications

Experience is one of the first things cannabis dispensaries will look for. If you don’t have experience as a budtender they’ll want to see customer service, retail and/or sales experience. Dispensaries are often looking for very specific qualifications. Showcase yours prominently

Customer Service

Most dispensaries are going to look at your work history to see if you have any customer service experience. Sales and retail experience are important as well but customer service is key. Being able to build rapport and provide a great customer experience is paramount.


Experience with point of sales systems and managing inventory in a retail environment is a great way to put your resume on the top of the stack. Make sure to showcase your experience in a light that would make it appeal to a cannabis dispensary.


If you don’t have any customer service or retail experience, the next best thing is sales. Obviously, the best type of experience would be cannabis dispensary retail experience. When talking about your sales experience include experiences and responsibilities involving communication with customers, client satisfaction, product demos, etc.


Many states require special licensing to be eligible for a budtender position. Make sure you have all the required licenses/permits before applying. Definitely include this as prominently as possible on your resume. If you don’t have the required license or permit, your resume might just get thrown out without a second look.


If you have good professional references it might be a good idea to include them on your resume. For instance, if you have the CEO of a prominent cannabis corporation as a reference you probably want to include that. If your best reference is your old roommate, you might just want to hold on to that. In the very least include a note stating that “references are available upon request”.

Passion For Cannabis

Knowledge of Strains

It’s important that you know the products that dispensaries sell. The most abundant product is most often cannabis flower (marijuana). You’ll need to know about the different species, strains and varieties of marijuana as well as the effects they have on the user. Including some information about your knowledge in your resume is important. You might think that they assume you know that information. Don’t assume.

Knowledge of Products

In addition to knowing the different strains of cannabis flower, it’s also important to know about the types of products dispensaries sell. This includes edibles, concentrates, topicals, and accessories. Include something about knowledge of products as well as strains.

Knowledge of Dispensary

This should be more subtle than the last two recommendations. It’s never a bad idea to tailor your resume for each company you’re applying for. If they have a unique pun in their name or any specific gimmicks it might be a good idea to slightly riff on those in your resume. If the application requires or has an option for a cover letter, include one. In the cover letter imply knowledge of the dispensary in some shape or form. If the dispensary is already in business it might be good to visit their locations and get a feel for what they’re all about.

Skills & Traits

Customer Service

If you don’t have any specific customer service experience or experience in roles that require customer service, include customer service as a skill. If you’ve ever had a job that you had to talk to customers, chances are you’ve developed some customer service skills. Don’t short yourself if you haven’t ever been in a dedicated customer service position.


Having good communication and interpersonal skills is vital to being a good budtender. Mention something about having good communication and being very personable.

Detail Oriented

Almost every employer wants a candidate that’s detail oriented and has good organizational abilities. Listing these skills on your resume is a good idea when trying to get hired as a budtender.

Laws & Regulations

If you’re licensed to sell cannabis products in your state, this might seem like an obvious one. Most employers skim resumes and in case they missed the fact that you’re licensed, it’s a good idea to include a piece about having in-depth knowledge of your state’s laws & regulations regarding recreational cannabis as well as budtender & dispensary responsibilities.


Dispensaries have a high turnover rate on budtenders. That’s why it’s important to show that you’re punctual and reliable. You may even want to include something in your budtender resume about being honest, trustworthy, and having really good time management.

Apply & Interview

Where to look

Search Engines

All the best jobs and job boards are going to be found by searching Google. You can either start by searching by position or by searching for job boards. Google now includes jobs in their search results and these positions are included because they’ve passed Google’s quality checks. There are a lot of good cannabis job boards that can be found as well. If you start by searching for budtender jobs chances are you’ll find Indeed as well as some other prominent cannabis job boards.

Job Boards

Starting your search at Google is never a bad idea. Going this route will take you to some weird places, as well as all the good places. That being said, starting on a major career site like isn’t a bad idea either. The problem you may find is that these sites have a lot of misleading jobs. First of all, there are a lot of positions that have something listed in their drug testing and background checks mentioning cannabis, marijuana or jobs like budtenders that have nothing to do with the cannabis industry. Also, you’ll find that a lot of the budtender jobs listed here are with cannabis staffing agencies. These companies will hire you and contract you out to dispensaries. That’s not necessarily a bad thing but you may want a different experience.

Dispensary Websites

If you know where you want to work (hint you should know where you want to work), you can often go to their website and apply there or send them your resume via their contact form. If you’re nearby you could even drop by their location, leave them a copy of your resume and fill out an application if they require. This has the added effect of showing them how personable you are. If by chance their manager is there, you might earn yourself the position just by showing up.

How to apply

Take Your Time

Burning through hundreds of applications is not a good idea. You’re going to make mistakes on your applications, your resume isn’t going to be personalized to their organization and you’re going to miss important details. Take your time, go slow, and be deliberate in your actions.

Customize Your Resume

Make updates to your resume based on the job description and requirements of the position. If the budtender job you want to apply for requires “strong communication” skills but you don’t mention that in your resume, add it. There are a lot of things you can try like changing the appearance of your resume to match the color scheme of the cannabis dispensary you want to work for or using language that matches their style.

Submit A Cover Letter

If they ask you for a cover letter, include one. In your cover letter make sure you customize it for every budtender job you apply for. If you don’t it will sound generic and disingenuous. This will make you seem generic and insincere. If they don’t ask for a cover letter you don’t necessarily have to include one. Cover letters can help you stand out but they can also get in the way of your resume. If your resume speaks for itself, let it speak up. You can also try standing out by doing something unusual. Make your cover letter a full-page image or keep it short and sweet by saying something about how your resume does speak for itself. Be careful though as this could easily backfire. You can play it safe or you can be brave, but remember, “no one ever achieved greatness by playing it safe”.

Following Up

Be Persistent

Most dispensaries are bogged down by dozens, if not hundreds, of applications from people wanting to become budtenders. You may need to check back a couple times with them to see if they’ve made their hire or if they’re still hiring.

Be Responsive

Check your email regularly and make yourself available by phone. If they call you or email you, respond promptly. If you’re busy when they call don’t be afraid to call them back. It’s better that you’re professional when talking their hiring manager.

Be Available

If your resume kicks ass (which it should if you’ve followed our recommendations) chances are the dispensary will want to schedule an interview. Make yourself available. If you’re thinking about applying for budtender jobs a couple weeks before a big trip, you might want to wait.


Be Punctual

Be on time. In fact be early for your interview. One of the biggest pain points that cannabis dispensaries have regarding budtenders is punctuality. SHow them from the start that you’re a punctual person.

Be Presentable

You don’t have to be rocking a three-piece suit but you should look nice. A lot of dispensaries are branded to be high-end options and they may even have dress codes. This is where knowing each dispensary is a good thing. Dress in a way that resembles how you’ve seen their budtenders dress while working.

Be Prepared

Be ready to ask them some questions and know what questions they’re most likely going to ask you. If you need to study strains and varieties, do so ahead of time and be prepared to discuss the nuances, flavors, and effects of different cannabis products.

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